Tatton Investment Management is an investment manager providing discretionary asset management to the clients of investment advisers through wrap-platform technology. It manages over £5.7 billion of assets for the private clients from more than 405 UK financial adviser firms.

Clients benefit from gaining access to full discretionary management of their investments, while retaining the flexibility of a platform to manage their portfolios. This effectively transforms their investment strategy without having to move or transfer any assets.

Advisers benefit by being able to offer their clients full discretionary asset management whilst retaining complete control of those relationships, together with the ability to manage their clients’ portfolios through existing platform arrangements. 

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Tatton Investment Management


  • Low cost and service friendly model
  • Over £5.7 billion of assets under management
  • Available through 10 UK adviser wrap platforms
  • Easy integration with investment wrap platforms



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Tatton Investment Management
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