Tatton Investment Management Limited (TIML) is a London based investment manager. Its objective is to  enable investment advisers to make the best use of modern wrap-platform technology for the benefit of their clients and the efficiency of their own business processes. The core investment proposition is a low cost discretionary overlay management service to existing advisory model portfolios. It is currently offered on 10 UK wrap-platforms. TIML currently has over £5.7 billion of assets under management.

TIML’s unique approach to fund management allows its experienced team to manage a client’s platform based investment portfolio with the timeliness and speed of execution that are usually only available for institutional sized clients. We believe we are among the most competitive in the marketplace,  providing good value for money  without compromising clients’ investment objectives.  We work closely with advisers to ensure clients’ needs and requirements are constantly taken into account.

The service has proven to be of particular interest to those advisers who focus their business on financial advice, but are uncomfortable handing their clients over to a third party for the ongoing investment management relationship. With TIML the client relationship remains with their adviser while benefitting from achieving full discretionary management of their investment portfolios. At the same time, investors retain a platform’s flexibility for changing their arrangements at any time without having to move/re-register their investment assets.

Traditional advisory portfolios can often be slow to react to changing market conditions and clunky to administer. Both rebalancing and portfolio holding updates are usually performed just once a quarter, and can only be executed after clients have provided explicit consent.

We take a different approach. Under the framework of a discretionary management mandate, we can be more agile and timely in the execution, when making necessary portfolio changes. Our team can react faster to changing market conditions by selling investments that we think no longer provide the best return opportunities and buy those which have become more attractive.

We aim to give peace of mind by constantly assessing portfolios to make sure clients’ money is invested in the right spread of portfolio investments in order to meet their financial objectives. We seek to ensure that a client’s investments always remain aligned to the level of investment risk they are comfortable  to take to meet their long term financial objective.

TIML’s investment management service frees up advisers to spend more of their time advising their clients to optimise and structure their financial arrangements towards achieving their financial goals.

Tatton Investment Management

A brief summary of investment management services offered:

  • 3 fund based portfolio series: Active, tracker or hybrid
  • Across 6 industry recognised risk profiles
  • 6 global, multi asset, risk based allocation profiles
  • Ethical and income focused portfolio choices
  • Available on: Nucleus, Transact, Amber, Standard Life (Hub),
    Aviva, Aegon (ARC), Novia, Fidelity FundsNetwork, ATS, Platform 1
  • Segregated UK AIM IHT equity portfolios (on Nucleus only)

Please contact the team for more details about our proposition or any other enquiries

0207 190 2959